Friday, November 22, 1963

12:36 PM: Inspector Sawyer pulls his car in front of the Texas School Depository. He was at Main and Ackand when the shots rang out.

12:50 PM: Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels arrives at the Depository. Goes on the 1st floor.  

Sorrels is the second man from the left. First man is DPD Deputy Chief of Police George Lumpkin. The officer with shotgun is Paul Wilkins.

Deputy Sheriff Eddie Walthers escorting Howard Brennan and Amos Euins. 

Sorrels in L'Hoste
Deputy Sheriff Eddie Walthers escorting witnesses. WFAA/L’Hoste film.

The clip below is from The Lost Tapes documentary (National Geographic). Youtube

The scene above filmed by WFAA cameraman Thomas Alyea. On the bottom-right is most probably his colleague A.J. L’Hoste.

TLT 52

12:55: Witness Bob Edwards, who saw a man in a window, is brought to Deputy Chief Lumpkin by Sergeant D.V. Harkness. The time of this clip was given to me by researcher John Iacoletti thanks to the police broadcast that can be heard during the filming.

I made a collage of images showing Edwards at different places.

Edwards, Bob-Composite

Source of the clip below: WFAA/L’Hoste / The Lost Bullet documentary (National Geographic) Youtube

Dallas police officer Gerald Hill arrives in Dealey Plaza in a car driven by officer J.M. Valentine. Reporter James Ewell is in the backseat.


There is a car behind. Is it Fritz’s car? 


12:58 PM: Homicide Bureau Chief Captain Will Fritz, with Detectives Sims and Boyd, climb out of an unmarked car that arrived from Parkland.

 The capture below is from the clip below.

1 STCA 106

Clip from KRLD. Captured off The Lost Tapes (National Geographic) Youtube


Some more footage that follows the clip above.    Youtube

Rare view of the scene above in the Cooper film. The clip below is from the Lost Tapes documentary (National Geographic)

Cooper film
Cooper film

1:06 PM: Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney hollers to the officers on the street about the shells he found. DPD officer Gerald Hill sticks out his head of a window, and yells for the Crime Lab Unit, but nobody can hear him.


Hill decides to go down. On his way to the elevator, he meets Captain Fritz who overhead him through the cracks of the floorboards. Hil then heads down to the street.

Fritz, Boyd and Sims meet with Mooney who tells them that nobody touched the shells.

Fritz orders Boyd and Sims to guard the scene until the Crime Unit arrives.

1:17 PM: On the street, Hill meets Crime Scene Search Section chief, Lt. Carl Day who has just arrived with Detective Studebaker, and tells him about the shells. Captain Sawyer instructs Day to go up to the 6th floor.

Hill walks up to Captain Sawyer and gives him the same information he gave Day. Reporters James Ewell and Hugh Aynesworth listen attentively.

This clip of Hill was probably taken around the time of the situation described above.


Sergeant C.B. “Bud” Owens and D.A. Assistant Bill Alexander join the group. In a moment, Sheriff Decker walks up. They’re all standing when they heard over the radio that an officer had been shot.

Owens jumps in his car with Gerald Hill and Bill Alexander in the back, and drives to Oak Cliff. Sometime after, Jim Ewell also goes to Oak Cliff with Captain W.R. Westbrook who will drive.

1:22: Eugene Boone finds the rifle thanks to his flashlight. Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman, like several others, had been walking by it many times before without seeing it. Day then examines the rifle.

Day and Fritz with the rifle found.
Day and Fritz with the rifle found. WFAA/Alyea film.

Fritz orders Detectives Johnson and Montgomery to stay with the shells, and Boyd and Sims with the rifle.

Montgomery and Johnson pick up the bag that had allegedly contained the rifle.

2:00: Lt. Carl Day leaves the building, and will return at approximately 2:45PM, and will leave at 6PM.

Owens / WBAP
Owens / WBAP

Hill shows Oswald’s pistol to the press.

4:10 PM: Detectives Sims, Boyd, and Stovall escort Oswald out of the Homicide Bureau.

6:15 PM: Day walks with the rifle through the press in the police station. See video below.

Det. John B. Drake in front of Carl Day in the capture below.

Day and Sorells.
Day and Drake.

6:20 PM: Detectives Sims, Boyd and Hall lead Oswald out of the Homicide Bureau. Fritz walks over to Jim Allen, former D.A. Assistant. SS agent Forrest Sorrels talks to SS agent William Patterson.

7:50 PM: Detectives Boyd, Sims, Hall and Moore arrange and handcuff the men who will appear with Oswald in a line-up.

Detectives Brown and Dhority accompany the 2 sisters-in-law Barbara and Virginia Davis, witnesses at the Tippit murder scene, for the line-up.

SS agents Sorrels and Lawson bring witness Howard Brennan into the room.

7:55 PM: After the line-up, Oswald tells the reporters that he is just a pasty.

Im just a pasty

8:05 PM: FBI agent Clement interviews Oswald.

8:40 PM: In Curry’s office, Shanklin tells FBI agent Vincent Drain that the FBI wants the rifle. Curry answers he will consider his request.

8:55 PM: Detective Barnes makes his way through a web of reporters. Detectives Hicks and Studebaker are assisting him.

9:00 PM: Detectives Stovall and Rose lead Weslie Frazier and his sister in the back door of the Homicide Bureau. Fritz interrogates both. While Rose and Stovall are taking their depositions, Fritz goes and meets Marina Oswald and Ruth Paine on a different floor.

Marguerite and Robert Oswald are led to the Forgery Bureau where Marina is being held. Ruth Paine is there and also a local geologist, Mr. Liya A. Mamantov, who is serving as an interpreter, .

After everybody has left, Robert sits downs and discusses with Lt. E.I. Cunningham who had been at Lee’s arrest.

In the Homicide Bureau, Fritz tells D.A. assistant Bill Alexander, Allen, and Sorrels that they have to talk about the events so far. They proceed through the mob of reporters, and talk at a restaurant.

10:40 PM: Fritz asks Rose to have Frazier take a polygraph test.

11:00 PM: Henry Wade makes it through the mob of reporters, and meets with Alexander, FBI agent Bookhout, and Captain Fritz in the Homicide Bureau.

11:20 PM: Chief Curry enters the Homicide Bureau and joins Alexander, David Johnston, Wade and Fritz.

11:30 PM: Curry agrees to give all the evidence to the FBI.

11:45 PM: Vincent Drain and Charles T. Brown sign a receipt of all the evidence to be brought to Washington.

At around 11:50 PM, Gregory Olds and three ACLU reps talk to David Johnston. Ruby is at a few feet from Oswald. Ruby follows the crowd to the Assembly Room. This becomes the Midnight Conference.

An FBI agent returns to question Robert Oswald. 

11:50 PM: Fritz, Curry and Wade got out of the Homicide Bureau. Curry addresses the press: “… The investigation has been carried on jointly by the FBI, the Secret Service, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Police. Captain Fritz is in charge”. They then discuss about the possibility of having Oswald and the reporters in one room. At one point, everybody moves to the Assembly Room where Oswald will talk to the press. Source of the clip: Breaking the News (PBS).

Midnight Conference



Exiting the Assembly Room, Detectives Sims and Boys lead Oswald into the basement jail office where they encounter Sergeant Wilson F. Warren and Deputy Chief Lumpkin.

Lumpkin, who is in charge of the jail security, has assigned a room for Oswald to avoid he comes in contact with the other prisoners.

12:19 AM: Wade talks to the reporters in the hall tells them that Oswald has been, “formally charged… with both killing Officer J.D. Tippit and John F. Kennedy” 

12:35 AM: Sergeant Warren opens the door and tells Oswald to put on his clothes. Lt. Knight of the Identification Bureau is there to see that Oswald is taken to the 4th floor to be photographed and fingerprinted. Oswald protests: “I have been fingerprinted”. Those new prints have a different purpose than those taken before. They will be sent to the FBI to see if he is wanted somewhere else.

Sergeant Warren and Todd take Oswald downstairs to the Identification Bureau.

Knight and Captain Doughty see that another set of fingerprints is made and mugshots are taken.

1:10 AM: In the Assembly Room, Ruby is heard correcting Wade. Ruby yells “Fair Play for Cuba Committee”.

1:20 AM: Wade leaves the room, and Ruby follows him. They exchange words.

Source: 6th Floor Museum

Source: 6th Floor Museum

The clip below is of the 6th Floor Museum:

Ruby helps setting up an interview with Wade and KLIF-Radio.

1:30 AM: Wade and Johnston go to the Homicide Bureau where they talk with Curry, Fritz and District Attorney Assistant Maurice Harrel.

1:35 AM: In a room, Oswald is arraigned for the murder of President Kennedy. Also present: Fritz, Johnston, Stevenson, Wade and Harrel.

10:10 AM: Curry tells the reporters that the FBI knew about Oswald being in Dallas, but that he had not been informed of it.

Curry not informed by FBI on Oswald in Dllas

10:25 AM: Stevenson addresses the press: “Gentlemen! Whenever this door is open and they come through here, we don’t want anyone of you questionning this boy” A reporter yells at the others: “We will not ask Oswald any question”.

A moment later, the jail elevator door opens and Oswald is led through the crowd by Detectives Hall, Sims and Boyd. Oswald soon disappears behind the closed doors of Fritz’s office.

10:35 AM: In the Homicide Bureau are FBI agent Bookhout, Sorrels, SS agent Thomas Kelly, SS agent David B. Grant, and Dallas US Marshall Robert I. Nash.

11:27 AM: Oswald led out of Fritz’s office. He lends to a microphone and says, “I would like to contact Mr. Abt. A-B-T”.

11:32 AM: Glen King is stopped by reporters, and is grilled by reporters about Curry’s claim that the FBI knew about Oswald being in Dallas. Interestingly, Walter of Conkrite adds an important detail: Oswald was interrogated by the FBI. 

King on Curry FBI Oswald

12:00 PM: Marina, Marguerite and Robert Oswald arrive at the police headquarters for their scheduled meeting with Lee.

SS agent Mike Howard talks to Robert Oswald.

12:10 PM: Curry faces the press on his claim that the FBI knew about Oswald being in Dallas.

Curry retracts

12:35 PM: Fritz orders Detective Sims to bring down Oswald from the jail for another interview. After 30 minutes of questioning, Fritz steps out of the room and dispatches Detectives Rose and Stovall to Paine’s house for a second search.

1:15 PM: Marina and Marguerite meets Oswald for the first time since the events. Robert stays behind because he does not have a pass.

1:40 PM: Oswald has just been returned to his cell. He’s offered to make a call. Assistant jailer Arthur E. Eaves and patrolman Buel T. Beddingfield are assigned to the suicide watch. Oswald calls in New York and then a local call.

2:05 PM: Fritz emerges from the Homicide Bureau, and Curry is at his side. A reporter asks: “Captain, can you gives us a resume of what you now know concerning the assassination of the President and Mr. Oswald’s role in it?”

2:14 PM: In the hallway, Detectives Hall, Senkel, Potts and Brown meet the 5th-floor jailers who have brought Oswald and three other prisoners down in handcuffs. An NBC camera catches the scene.

In the room, Whaley and Scoggins are asked to take a look at the suspects.

Show Room

2:25 PM: Marina burns the backyard photos. Marguerite cuts off whatever is left, and flushes it in the toilets.

3:00 PM: FBI agent Mike Howard and his partner Charlie E. Kunkel have been trying for about 2 hours to get Robert Oswald a pass to let him see Lee. SS agent Kelly goes down the hall to help. He finally gets the pass.

3:37 PM: Kelly, holding the pass signed by Captain Fritz, and a police officer take Robert upstairs to visit Lee. Robert gets out, and talks to Kelly while a cameraman is taking photos.

4:00 PM: Lee tried to call Abt

4:22 PM: Lee calls Ruth Paine

5:45 PM: H. Louis Nichols of the Dallas Bar Association meets with Curry.

6:15 PM: Curry introduces Nichols to the reporters. “This is Mr. Nichols, president of the Dallas Bar Association”. Nichols is taken by surprised, and starts talking to the press, and answers questions.

6:24 PM: Fritz orders Sims, Hall and Graves to escort Oswald down from his jail to the Homicide Bureau for another interrogation session. Oswald is led through the web of reporters. Oswald yells that he has been denied, “The basic fundamental hygienic rights like a shower”.

Oswald escorted

In the Homicide Bureau, Oswald faces Fritz, SS agent Kelly, FBI agent Bookhout, and Detective Rose. Oswald is shown the backyard photos, and asked to explain them.

7:00 PM: Curry states to the reporters that “The FBI has just informed us that they have the order letter for the rifle” A reporter asks Curry about Oswald complaining not having access to a shower.

Curry FBI order rifle

7:15 PM: Detectives Hall, Sims, Graves and Boyd led Oswald on the 3rd floor. A reporter yells, “Here he comes!” Oswald states, “I have not committed any act of violence”.

No act of violence

7:20 PM: FBI agent Odum visits Marina

8:00 PM: Lee calls Ruth Paine and asks for Marina.

On the 3rd floor, reporters approach Deputy Chief Batchelor outside the administrative office. Just then, Curry walks up. A reporter asks, “How about it, Chief? Are you going to move Oswald tonight?” Curry states, “I think if you fellows are back here by 10 o’clock in the morning, you won’t miss anything”

Curry discusses with Fritz. Curry comes back to the reporters, and states, “If you men would be here by no later than ten o’clock in the morning, that will be early enough”. Curry does not believe anyone will take his prisoner.

Curry suggests to reporters to be there by 10AM



9:30 AM: Postal Inspector Holmes is with Captain Fritz on the 3rd floor just outside the Homicide Bureau. Fritz invites Holmes to join the interrogation. Both enter the room where are already present Lt. Montgomery and Sorrels. In a moment, Leavelle, Graves and Dhority bring Oswald into the office. No FBI agent is there.

Then Kelly comes in. Curry leaves the room after some time to take care of the transfer.

9:45 AM: Batchelor, Stevenson and Curry enter the elevator to the basement garage. Curry gives orders to jail lieutenant Wiggins. Also there is Captain Talbert.

10:20 AM: Curry meets the press again. A reporter asks,“Chief, you say you’re going to the county jail”. The conversation ends with a reporter asking about the backyard photos.

10:45 AM: Stevenson approaches Captain Jones of the Forgery Bureau and asks him to bring down any detectives available from the 3rd floor to the basement.

Stevenson and Batchelor meet in the basement where the armored trucks are.

Captain Jones walk to the head of Commerce Street ramp. Nearby, Batchelor, Stevenson and Talbert stand together. Talbert calls over Patrick Dean and Don F. Steele, and give them instructions.

11:00 AM: Captain Martin is in the basement. Someone yells, “The armored trucks are here!”

11:05 AM: Captain Jones walks down the ramp in the basement.

11:10 AM: Fritz instructs C.N. Dhority, C.W. Brown, and E.R. Beck to get 2 cars set up for the transfer. Brown will drive the lead car filled with detectives, and Dhority will go with Oswald. Rio Pierce will drive a third car, with Sergeant James Putnam as passenger, and Billy Joe Maxey in the left backseat.

At one point, it’s crowday, and Captain Talbert splits out apart the group of officers so Pierce can drive through. Then, the other 2 cars start moving.

Lt. Swain leads the way, followed by Fritz. Leavelle steps out of the door with Oswald. Graves is close behind. Montgomery follows, covering the rear.

11:20 AM: The telephone rings in the jail office, and Lt. Wandrow Wiggins answers it. Lt Baker in the Homicide Bureau tells him that Fritz and Oswald are on their way.

The jail elevator opens and Swain and Montgomery step off into the jail office. They’re marching Oswald. Fritz asks Lt. Wiggins if everybody is ready.

Ruby shoots Oswald.

11:21 AM: Captain Talbert vaults over the trunk of an unmarked car, and yells, “Get back! Get back! Nobody out!”

Detective Combest helps Leavelle drag Oswald back into the jail office. Captain Jones yells, “Block the exits! Don’t let anybody out!”

SS agents Sorells and Kelly heard the shooting, and both run for the basement.

At the booking desk, Patrolman Willie Slack calls the dispatcher: “This is Slack at the jail office. Somebody just shot Oswald. We need a doctor”

Curry announces that Oswald died at 1:07PM


1:29 PM: Curry tells the reporters, “My statement will be very brief”. Ends with “I have no more comments to make at this time”

4:00 PM: Fritz faces the press. A reporter asks, “Captain, is there any doubt in your mind that Oswald was the man who killed President Kennedy?”

9:25 PM: Wade asks Curry to address the press about the evidence they have. Curry refuses. Wade takes the matter in his own hands, and addresses the press himself. “The purpose of this news conference is to detail some of the evidence…” Asked if he will ask for death penalty against Ruby. Wade says, “Yes”.

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