2 thoughts on “Identification of the People in the Beers and Jackson Photos Taken During Ruby Shooting of Oswald

  1. Dear Investigators:

    I appreciate your project which shows a lot of interesting and detailed information.

    I am preparing an essay on Dillard’s pictures and stumbled upon a rare picture, which luckily enough is shown on your website. It is a coloured picture of the south side of the Depository with Sgt. Hill waving from the window. The picture is associated with the name Kimbrough (Arch Kimbrough?). I would be interested to know the author of this picture, the source from which it has been retrieved, and if there would be any chance to obtain a high resolution copy of this image. Naturally, I would be happy to cover any reasonable costs associated with the reproduction of the picture.

    Kind regards
    Andrej Stancak


    1. I have not logged on this account for months, so I did not notice your message. The photo was taken by a person who gave or sold it to Art Kimbrough, a Dallas-based researcher. I bought the photo set from a vendor late 80s. I have no idea of the rest of the history of these photos. I lost the copies I bought, but luckily, I had made fairly good scans of them. I hope Kimbrough’s archive still exist. The original photos must be much clearer. I can email you copies for free: denismorissette@yahoo.com


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